Super Jewel Box, the CLEAR choice for all your packaging needs.Super Jewel Box is the successor to the best selling media packaging of all times, the CD jewel case. Super Jewel Box offers a high quality line of unique and attractive packaging options for all types of CD & DVD based media.
From music and movies to software and games, Super Jewel Box will add value and distinction to your content.

All Super Jewel Box products are made of crystal clear, high grade polystyrene, and are 100% recyclable!
Super Jewel Box offers many improvements to the old CD jewel case, such as a new and patented hub for one or two discs, rounded corners, stronger hinges, an advanced locking clasp, visibility to graphics on all four spines, and increased durability.

Super Jewel Box is available in 3 main sizes:

SJB Standard (small)
SJB Plus (medium)
SJB King (large)

All 3 sizes are available with a stackable hub for one or two discs or with
a double-disc “Fliptray”.